Adding to the collection of Amazon EC2 AMI based knowledgebases already unveiled for DBpedia and NeuroCommons, we now have a Bio2Rdf knowledgebase AMI.

What is Bio2Rdf?

A community developed knowledgebase comprised of Bio Informatics data from across 30 or so public data sources. The standard deployment of Bio2Rdf includes a a federation of SPARQL endpoints provided by project members and collaborators.

What is the Bio2Rdf EC2 AMI?

An Amazon EC2 hosted variant of the Bio2Rdf knowledgebase. In addition to providing a SPARQL endpoint, the data exposed by the Amazon AMI is published in compliance with Linked Data publishing best practices espoused by the Linking Open Data community (LOD).


The ability to instantiate a personal or service-specific variant of this powerful knowledgebase via the Amazon EC2 Cloud. Instead of a 22+ hour error prone odyssey - you simply get down to the task of data analysis and integration within 1.5 hrs (when setting up you AMI for the first time).

How do I get going?

Just follow the instructions in the Bio2Rdf EC2 AMI installation guide.