Mike Bergman has written a very detailed article about OpenLink Software and it's product portfolio that basically answers the question: What has OpenLink been Up To?

As the company's founder, it was quite compelling to read a third party article that accurately navigates and articulates the depth of work that we've undertaken since that seminal moment in 1997 when we decided to extend our product portfolio beyond the Universal Data Access Drivers family.

Of course I also take this opportunity to slip in another Semantic Data Web demo :-) Thus, take a look at this mother of all blog posts from Mike via the following:

  1. OpenLink RDF Browser Session
  2. Dynamic Data Web Page

Note: In both cases above, you use the "Explore" or "Dereference" options of the Data Link (typed hyperlink) to traverse the RDF data that has been materialized "on the fly" courtesy of Virtuoso's in-built RDF Middleware (called the Sponger).

BTW - I am assembling a collection of interesting DBpedia based Dynamic pages that showcase the depth of knowledge available from Wikipedia. If you're a current or future technology entrepreneur (or VC trying to grok the Semantic Web) then you certainly need to look at:

  1. Venture Capital
  2. Venture Capital Firms
  3. Venture Capitalists
  4. Entrepreneurs By Nationality